Region Conference Dates and Locations are set and determined by the Region Coordinator.  However, the State Association has set aside December 4-11, 2021 for the RLC event to take place.  More details will be forthcoming as it becomes available.

RLC Weather Policy:  If the host county is under an emergency vehicle only order, the RLC will be postponed and rescheduled on the snow date.  If the RLC is not postponed, but a school administrator does not allows a chapter to attend due to inclement weather (this must be submitted in writing from the school administrator) the chapter will be able to complete their non-judges competitive events at their home school the next week.  If the test scores are within the range of those students advancing to state form that region in that event, they will be allowed to advance to state competition.  No RLC plaques will be awarded to these students.

Regional Conference Dates & Locations

Region 1                TBA

Region 2               TBA

Region 3/6           TBA

Region 4/5           TBA

Region 7               TBA

Region 8              TBA

Region 9              TBA

Region 10            TBA

Region 11             TBA

Region 12            TBA


This year the Indiana BPA State Officer Leadership Team is challenging its members during the fall season and through our Virtual Region Leadership Conference to help us raise our goal of $1,000.00 for the Special Olympics organization.  Donations can be made through our sponsor page by clicking here.  Remember a donation and participation in this fundraiser event can assist a member in earning Torch Points.

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